Motion Icon's escalator step branding offers unlimited creative visual opportunities to brands looking for a new and novel advertising platform. Lightweight yet high quality panels are fixed to the face of the escalator steps to create dynamic, unfolding advertising messages, lifestyle images and logos.


Motion Icon South Africa works closely with brands and their creative agencies to create fun and impactful moving media advertising campaigns. Clients are provided with a customised artwork media kit, alternatively, artwork can be arranged through Motion Icon's in-house Graphic Design team.

Escalator step branding is a striking alternative for retailers to promote their store and advertise their retail campaigns. Designs can be tailored for new store openings, way-finding, sales events or any other retailer activity.

Over and above working closely with Property Owners to generate an additional revenue stream, Motion Icon South Africaalso assists property owners with their internal marketing and advertising campaigns. Whether it's Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day through to Christmas, Motion Icon can tailor an escalator step branding campaign to promote your next sale or event.


At Motion Icon South Africa, we commit to offering our clients a unique advertising medium with our novel patented escalator branding system. In addition to this, Motion Icon works with their clients to create custom advertising domination packages. Each unique domination package is tailored to ensure our clients have the ability to create the greatest impact and generate maximum exposure throughout their desired location. We also commit to being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


At Motion Icon South Africa, we commit to working closely with property owners, providing landlords with a 10 point safety check of the escalators prior to installation and post removal. Our 10 point safety check assists property owners by identifying any potential issues with the escalator or its steps, prior to any issues arising.  We go above and beyond to provide first class service to all of our clients, from design and printing through to installation, removal and post campaign customer satisfaction. 


At Motion Icon South Africa, we commit to caring for our planet. Our escalator step branding panels are printed on fully recyclable PET material. Our specially formulated water based adhesive bonds directly to the escalator step panel, leaving no residue behind once panels are removed from the escalator. 

Motion Icon has partnered with Manje to participate in their global feeding initiative. Upon removal, all escalator step panels are recycled to be moulded into cutlery sets and school rulers once a campaign has been completed. These recycled materials will be utilised to add value to the volume feeding projects undertaken by Manje and significantly reduce Motion Icon's carbon footprint.
For every escalator campaign installed globally, 1 child will be fed for an entire year.
Find out more details about Motion Icon's partnership with Manje click here.



With more than 10 million escalator trips taken throughout South Africa each year alone, escalator step advertising opens up an exciting new and impactful global advertising opportunity.

Motion Icon now presents a unique opportunity to maximise brand awareness and increase sales globally, nationally or in targeted geographical areas in high visibility locations across all income and demographic groups.